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Case Studies

A physician, songwriter, executive, consultant and mechanic
all have one thing in common–they love and use Penzu!

Daniel Ghattas

"As a songwriter, I need a tool that allows me to quickly jot down ideas and develop them no matter where I am located during the day.

I created a journal for songs in which each entry is a song that I am currently working on. If I'm on the go, I'll use the Penzu app on my iPhone to start a lyric. Later when I get home and have access to my laptop, I'll log in using my browser and flesh out the idea. Sometimes I may have up to 4 or 5 songs in progress simultaneously, adding, removing and refining phrases over the course of several days.

I love how simple the interface is, and especially my ability to access and edit everything from the cloud."

Kari Rayson
Heavy Equipment Mechanic

"I became a Penzu user in 2012 after I moved away from Alaska to do something different in Nevada. I found Penzu through a search engine looking for an online diary since I don't care for writing by hand. My thoughts seem to cruise much faster than I can write and I'm a great typist!

I started using Penzu to document the things that were happening in my life from week to week, sometimes daily, depending on my mood. I wrote everything down! From encounters with co-workers to activities with friends, vacations, things that made me angry or sad. It was very therapeutic! I often found a lot of relief after writing. When I was frustrated with work or with people in general, I wrote.

Sometimes I would use Penzu as a means to write to a specific person, to direct anger, sadness, joy, frustration, etc. It helped me spiritually and emotionally, like getting something heavy off of my chest. I could write TO the person without them actually getting to read it. When I knew my feelings were probably a little irrational, I could write a letter to the person and express myself without any kind of repurcussion. I enjoy writing and have continued to keep a journal with Penzu. I've just started a blog to tell complete strangers my stories of daily life, but anything that is seriously personal goes to Penzu. Thank you for enhancing the outlet I have in my life. I don't have to worry about the wrong eyes reading my most personal thoughts and I don't have to keep my feelings bottled up inside!"

Frank Hoffman
Marketing Communications Consultant

"I stumbled upon Penzu a few years ago when I was searching for a tool where I could write and store ideas from anywhere. Any copmuter. The application was easy to use and set up and affordable. I use the journal as a place to express ideas, vent frustrations, keep a detailed reading list, and provide a continuous dialogue with myself. I like the look back at past pages features to not only get me to log in, but also review what was going on at that time. I have found that there is a cyclical nature to my thinking, and I believe the daily routine of writing to Penzy has help draw these circles together in a meaningful way.

I generate a lot of ideas for clients and for myself, and I find the journal is a great way to keep track of things and organize my thoughts before I actually sit down to write. I use Penzu as a place to develop short stories, plays, and screen plays, as a note repository that is always available. Penzu is also a good place to write out research notes for character studies and plot development. I clip in pictures and graphics when I have them which provides a rich digital moleskine that at this point I could not give up. "

Eric Swenson
Advertising Account Executive

"Having kept a journal on and off for almost 10 years, I realized early on that my view on the world could change dramatically over the course of a few years, even months. When I was 24 I decided that, as a young man, writing "Dear Diary" just wouldn't cut it for me. It was at that moment that I chose to write letters to my future children.

There's no story in the world that can prepare you for life's obstacles. The best one can hope for is shared experiences. Someone who says, "I've been there too." I suppose that's what I'd like to share with my children someday. I'd like them to know that their father had challenges and triumphs just like them. And if I'm lucky, maybe my voice will share a little insight, too.

I'm 31 now and Penzu has been my tool for documenting history. It's been both cathartic and pragmatic. I express not only what matters most to me, but I try to capture what it's like living as a 31-year-old. Who's the President? What's the weather like? How much does a gallon of gas cost?

In time, I hope to look back on this content and laugh, cry or roll my eyes. I'd have loved to know how my grandfather thought at age 31, and I hope Penzu continues to bridge the gap with future generations of my family."

Christina Johnson

"I use Penzu to maintain two journals: one for each of my young children.

I began writing to my older son (now 8) when he was a few months old. I used a bound paper journal. I kept the journal with me so that I could write down thoughts or stories when I had a free moment. I was devastated when I lost the journal. Amazingly, someone found it, read it, and figured out how to reach me through my parents, who live over 500 miles away.

I switched from a bound paper journal to Penzu and haven’t looked back. With Penzu Pro, I can journal using my phone, my tablet, or my desktop computer. I include drawings my kids have made, examples of their handwriting and mine, and photos of our family and the places we go. Penzu lets me keep a rich record of our lives."

Charles E. Flores, M.D.

"For me as a physician and more importantly as a follower of Jesus, I use Penzu as a personal and private means to pray to God. I literally type out my prayers -- it is my heart in words. I find Penzu to be so convenient in that I can go back to things I have prayed about and cried out to God about from any computer, my iPad, or my phone and be reminded of all the blessings in my life amidst all the stress and the chaos of the day. As such, Penzu allows me to be more thankful for what I have been blessed with in life rather than to be continually upset and angry over the things that are not going right for me. Penzu allows me to be reminded constantly of all the good God has done for me and how faithful He is. To have my heart literally recorded on paper and saved securely for me to go back to and read again through Penzu, I have found to be one of the most therapeutic and healthy choices I have made in my life. Thank you Penzu for this great service!"

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