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The Love is Unanimous

We have had some truly fantastic reviews of our service
from all over the world. More to come!

"If you want to keep a record of your thoughts, but you don’t want to share them with the world (or with Google), you might want to give Penzu a try."
"[Penzu] combines a slick blogging platform with solid privacy features, offering fine-grained control over who sees your writing."
"We gave Penzu a spin and were impressed by the interface and the entire concept of private blogging. The company has taken something old, given it a beautifully modern UI, added beneficial features and made a useful product that addresses a common problem."
"I'm not kidding when I say Penzu is the most realistic re-creation of paper I've seen on the Web." CNET
"Best Free Software of 2009"
"This is a convenient way to keep a journal that keeps you at ease with its privacy features. It's also a lot easier and less time consuming than setting up a blog." Killer Startups
"Penzu is a great tool for anyone who really likes to write, but doesn't necessarily want to blog about their romantic vacation with the entire world." Demo Girl
"Penzu is a service that makes publishing your texts online simpler than you ever thought possible. You visit the site, start writing, click save and you're done. Can't get any easier than that."
The Next Web
"Penzu goes back to the basics by giving you an online journal that feels authentic and can be controlled in the way that you want."
Locker Gnome
"Penzu takes this journal writing to a next level and makes it feel more realistic as writing." My Mind Leaks
"It's the virtual equivalent of paper and pencil." Bib 2.0
"The writing experience the application offers is very rewarding, creating your first online diary page is just like doing it in real life. If you need a personal diary application, you will find Penzu very helpful and easy to use..." Make Use Of
"For a personal and private online journal, Penzu is definitely worth trying." Life Rocks 2.0
"Extremely intuitive and easy to use." Technoworld
"[Penzu is an] online private journal that emulates a paper-like experience." Flyabyte
"Out of all the free and even membership online diaries, I signed up for Penzu. I simply found the site simple but lovely. That is all I need, actually; to have all my thoughts recorded, less all the fuss they have to offer, it is my personal diary and I do not want it to go public, thus I do not like blogging that much as well. Penzu offers everything I wanted, what I have in mind when I thought of putting my thoughts safe in an online diary such as this one password protected of course."
Review Stream
"Penzu offers exactly such a service. It's free, easy to use, has a clear interface and is accessible from anywhere in the world where you can access the internet." iAFRICA
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