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Countless Testimonials

Since Penzu launched, we have received a plethora of emails
and tweets about how much people love using Penzu.
Thank you to everyone for the kind words!

"I am so glad I joined Penzu- So far I have been getting great service and love saving paper by typing my journal entries without anybody knowing where they are. I couldn't have asked for anything better than Penzu because IT'S THE BEST!!! :)" - Abbey
"Okay, I've been told I should do this but couldn't decide out how/where to start. This is FUN, and feels like I am getting somewhere by looking at myself. I can organize my thoughts, go back and re-analyze, refine, re-examine. I'm pretty much hooked. And did I mention FUN? Now, how to get over the guilt of spending so much time here on the computer...having fun... " - Brent
"This is a great tool, just what I've been looking for. I keep a diary on paper, this will be much better and more greener." - Sharon
"I have been journaling, intermittently for years, but for the last 8 months daily and frequently more than once a day. I'm a little obsessed about it right now. I have also been using my journal to record stories about my mother who died recently and about my grandchildren and the cute things they say and do. But the true journaling about my feelings and problems and interpersonal relationships has been a very helpful adjunct to therapy. Sometimes I show my entries to my therapist, but not to anyone else. I love the Penzu site. When I'm visiting out of town I can always make an entry on any computer. It is very handy and user friendly. Thanks for making this possible."- LG
"Love the clean, simple interface of Penzu. As a high school computer applications teacher & site technology leader, I will be encouraging all teachers (especially English teachers) to promote this site for student use." - Sharon
"Thank you so much for inventing such a wonderful online creation!" - Katherine
"I love your site and have been using Penzu to keep field notes about a study that I am doing. It is a great way for me to work between multiple documents at the same time, plus it allows for me to encrypt each file." - Laurie
"I just recently thought of the idea of keeping a journal online, with a technological driven world take down one's thoughts from anywhere anytime PRIVATELY. Thank you so much for inventing such a wonderful online creation such as Penzu. Forever more will I be grateful for what you have invented. And it is true, I have done my research on numerous online journals and by far Penzu has surpassed amazingly. Little fact about me, I'm creative, driven, and the last journal I've ever had was when I was 7. I'm 25. It took me that many years to find one thing I truly enjoy and look forward to everyday. I cannot thank you enough for placing such a brilliant idea in my life daily. Love to the Penzu Team." - Kat
"helloooo, thanks for letting me add. i love it, it helps me get my feelings out :)" - Jessica
"Hi Penzu Team, I use google chrome and the penzu is working fine. I am glad I found it, just started and seems like just what I need. Thanks!" - Kim
"Hi, I recently signed up for penzu because I really like the concept. Thanks for the awesome service!" - Jenne
"Well done! If you are genuinely, as you say you are, web evangelists then you have made a total convert! It's a brilliant idea, and really easy to get into and use, I've just started but I hope I keep it up. brilliant work." - Rory
"Just want to say THANKS. This is day 1 for me and I am really enjoying this free service. VERY user friendly and so… c l e a n… with no blinking ads… love it." - Nicole
"I like this website! It's just the right one that I've been looking for that doesn't require payment or thats a trial version. I will use this for my personal journal all the time. Thank you for making a website that other people will enjoy for along time. I added the website to my favorites list so I can go there anytime of the day. Keep up the good work buiding this website." - Freda
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