Penzu Mobile

  • Always Synced  Your entries will always be synced with your Penzu Pro account, so you can write on any device, any time, any where!
  • Cross Platform  Our browser-based app works on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and Android devices — no updates or downloads required!
  • Lock And Roll  Securely access your locked entries and even encrypt new entries right from your mobile device.
  • Share If You Want To  Share your entries to others via email. Send to more than one person by separating email addresses with commas.
  • HTML5 In All Its Glory  We use the latest HTML5 standard, seamlessly caching the app for increased speed and offline access.
  • Offline Access  Even though Penzu Mobile is browser-based you can still access your entries and compose new ones when offline.
  • Secure As Can Be  Your entries are just as secure on your phone as they are on the web. All data is transfered using 128-bit SSL.
  • Tag  Organizing your entries couldn't be more simple. Add custom tags and easily find similar or grouped entries.
  • Search All Your Entries  Use our server-side search to look through all entries in your account, no matter how many you have.
  • App Locking  If your mobile device gets in the wrong hands, you can easily lock the entire application with your own 4-digit PIN code.
Only $19/year* - Go Pro!
Penzu for iPhone Penzu for iPad Penzu for Android Penzu for Blackberry

Also available as a native app:

Penzu for iPhone Penzu for Android

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