Penzu Mobile

  • Always Synced  Your entries will always be synced with your Penzu Pro account, so you can write on any device, any time, any where!
  • Cross Platform  Our browser-based app works on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and Android devices — no updates or downloads required!
  • Share If You Want To  Share your entries to others via email. Send to more than one person by separating email addresses with commas.
  • Lock And Roll  Securely access your locked entries and even encrypt new entries right from your mobile device.
  • Offline Access  Even though Penzu Mobile is browser-based you can still access your entries and compose new ones when offline.
  • Secure As Can Be  Your entries are just as secure on your phone as they are on the web. All data is transfered using 128-bit SSL.
  • Tag  Organizing your entries couldn't be more simple. Add custom tags and easily find similar or grouped entries.
  • Search All Your Entries  Use our server-side search to look through all entries in your account, no matter how many you have.
Go Pro!
Penzu For iPad

A Match Made In Heaven

Finally, the perfect way to write on your iPad! Constantly syncing to your Penzu Pro account in the cloud, you never have to worry about losing your work. Go offline? No problem. Your work is cached for offline access and will sync when you go back online.

It's as if Penzu was destined to be on the iPad. What better way to take notes, jot down your thoughts, and quickly look up old entries?

iPad Home Screen

Just Like A Native App

With the help of HTML5, Penzu Mobile works just like an app from the Appstore.

All you have to do is login to Penzu Mobile, then press the "+" symbol on the browser's top toolbar. Select "Add to Home Screen" and a custom Penzu icon will be added to your iPad's home screen.

Now you can access Penzu Mobile whether you are online or offline. It's fast and uses the full screen!
iPad Pad Compose Edit

Compose, Edit, View


With Penzu Mobile, easily compose new entries. Click the "plus" button on the pad toolbar and a new entry will appear instantly. Write in portrait or landscape mode for easier typing.


Edit unfinished or old entries right on your iPad. They will be automatically synced with your Penzu Pro account.


Retain rich-text formatting with our unique View Mode. Append text to the end without losing your work.

iPad Manage Entries


Manage your entries on the go. A quick tap on the title will open the entry. Or use the checkbox to select entries for deletion.

View Tagged Entries
Select from your list of tags or recent tags to view all tagged entries in your Penzu journal.

Send unwanted entries to the trash by deleting. Login to your account form your computer to further manage your entries and restore deleted ones if need be.

iPad Share


Even though Penzu is meant to be private, we know you still may want to share your entries with friends and family.

You can easily share entries from your iPad via email. Just click the Share button on the pad toolbar. Enter one or many recipients (separated by commas), enter an optional message, and you're done!

Once an entry is shared a small Shared icon will appear in the top right of the entry.

iPad Tag


Penzu Mobile offers a great way to group and organize your entries: Tagging. You can effortlessly keep track of multiple entries by assigning a common tag.

For example, if you were on a trip around the world, and wanted to group your entries from each country, you could tag each entry from Thailand with the tag "Thailand", each entry from Japan with the tag "Japan" and so on.

You can then easily view all of the tagged entries on your Entries page by clicking the Tags button on the toolbar. Clicking a specific tag will display a results page containing entries with that tag.

iPad Lock Entry

Lock And Roll

Protect your most valued entries by locking them. Just like on the web app, choose from Basic or Encryption lock. Encrypted entries are securely locked and stored on our servers. The one-way encryption of your password works exactly the same on your mobile device, transferred via SSL.

When offline, locking is disabled and locked entries aren't accessible for your safety. We don't store any locked information or passwords on your device.

iPad Search


Quickly and easily find old entries with our server-side search. When online, your entire account is searchable so you can edit, modify, or delete past entries.

Recent searches are also just a click away. We store your latest searches so you can save time!

Want to learn more? Visit our FAQs

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