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  • Privacy First  Penzu was designed to focus
    on privacy. Unlike blogging, your entries are
    private by default! More →
  • Share if You Want To  You can share your
    entries via email or create a public link and
    share on Twitter! More →
  • Quick Start  No need to log in to get your
    thoughts out. You can start writing instantly and
    log in later to save to your account. More →
  • Manage Your Entries  Search, sort, filter,
    rename and trash your precious entries using
    our intuitive Entries page. More →
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand…
    Insert your own photos (now with flickr) and
    bring your entries to life! More →
  • Auto-saving is the New Save   Never lose
    your entries again! Your work is saved as you
    type, so you never have to worry. More →
  • Comments Welcome  Now you can share
    your thoughts with others by commenting on
    shared and public entries. More →
  • Take out the Trash  Our deletion process
    sends entries to the trash first, allowing you to
    later recover or delete your entries. More →
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Privacy First!

Privacy First

Penzu is unlike other services, especially blogs, in that your entries are private by default. This is true for writing on a pad of paper or in a paper-bound
journal–your work is private unless you decide to share it.

Taking that concept one step further, Penzu allows you to individually password protect each entry. Since your Penzu account is already password protected, entry locking acts as a second safeguard.

In order to ensure your entries are secure, sign up for Penzu Pro. Benefit from military-grade encryption and an unparalleled distributed security process.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand...

A Picture is Worth a Thousand…

Penzu's unique photo insertion really brings your entries to life. Simply upload images using the easy uploading tool, and click "Insert" to have a thumbnail appear in the margin. To enlarge the thumbnail, just roll over the thumbnail. You can add a caption to your photos too!

Flickr Now not only can you upload images from your computer, but from Flickr™ too. All you have to do is enter your login info, authorize Flickr, and upload images from your photo sets!

Share if You Want To

Share if You Want To

Even though Penzu is meant to be private, we know you still may want to share your entries with friends and family.


You can share via email by clicking on the Share button on the Pad toolbar. Enter one or many email addresses, an optional message, and choose if you want to share as you or an anonymous sender. Recipients will not be able to edit shared entries.

Public Link

You can also share your entries with the world via a static public link. Copy the link to share it or post to your Twitter™ account using the "tweet this" button!

Auto-saving is the New Save

Auto-saving is the New Save

Computer crashed? Browser crashed? Never fear–Penzu auto-saves your work constantly so that you will never lose your work again.

You can see auto-save working in the top left corner of the Pad. A small check-mark signifies the entry has been saved along with a time-stamp of when it was last saved.

If you want to be extra safe, you can manually save entries by clicking the Save button on the toolbar.

Quick Start

Quick Start

Have a fleeting thought that you need to write down right away? Want to start taking notes without logging in? With Penzu, you can start writing instantly and log in later to save the entry to your account.

Don't want to log in now? No problem. Log in at any point and all entries, even ones from weeks or months past, will be saved.

If you decide to not log in, any entries created will be visible by anyone with access to your computer account and browser. We strongly recommend logging in to ensure your work is saved.

Comments Welcome

Comments Welcome

Any shared entry can be commented on. Comments can be posted by anyone, but for entries that are emailed the comments are restricted to only the recipients.

Choose an avatar and your posting identity (either you or anonymous) and tell the author what you think!

Comments are threaded so that you can easily follow the conversation!

Manage Your Entries

Manage Your Entries

Easily manage all of your entries in the Entries page. You can sort your entries by time (last week, yesterday, today), by title, date created, size, Image, shared, or locked.

You can search all of your entries quickly with our filtered search. Enter a search term and the results will appear as you type. You can rename and print single or multiple entries at once.

Deleting entries from your Entries page sends them to the trash where you can restore them or permanently delete them.

Take Out the Trash

Take Out the Trash

Delete an entry by accident? Want to immediately remove an entry for good? You can easily manage your deleted entries from the Trash.

On your Entries page, click "View Trash" on the header below the toolbar. To restore entries, select the ones you want to keep and click "Restore Entries". To permanently delete entries, select the entries you want to remove forever and click the delete button on the toolbar.

Entries in the trash will be automatically deleted after thirty days to give you enough time to recover accidental deletions.

Want to learn more? Visit our FAQs

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