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Penzu Pro

  • Multiple Journals  Create journals for your memories, travels, secrets, ideas, and even recipes – it's up to you! More →
  • Go Mobile!  Take your journal with you on your iPhone, iPad, and Android device. Instantly save, sync, and access offline. More →
  • Ultimate Privacy  With Penzu Pro, you can
    protect your entries with military-grade 256-bit
    AES encryption. More →
  • Prompts  Shuffle through our library of intriguing prompts and lock one you love so it's never lost! More →
  • Versions  Browsers crash, power goes out... we can't save everything. Get access to previous snapshots of your entry. More →
  • Stay Organized  Organizing your entries
    couldn't be more simple. Add custom tags and
    easily find similar or grouped entries. More →
  • Mega-Photo  When you upload a photo to a
    Pro account, you can view a larger size and
    download it at any time. More →
  • You Own Your Data  Your entries can be
    exported to multiple formats giving you more
    control over your private data. More →
  • Penzu Post  Send entries to your Penzu journal from any email address at any time. Get started by emailing setup@post.penzu.comMore →
  • Express Yourself  Customize your entry
    backgrounds, pad style, and text formatting to
    suit your mood. More →
  • Thing of the Past  Now you can now add
    entries from days and years past by changing
    the Date Created of each entry. More →
  • Super Rich Text  Edit your entries with rich
    text–bold, underline, highlight, link, and
    change fonts until your heart's content. More →
  • Never Forget To Write  Set unlimited custom email reminders to remind you to write. Multiple times daily, weekly, or monthly. More →
  • On This Day Last Year You Wrote...  Looking Glass sends entries to you via email on the same day they were written in the past. More →
  • Search Entire Account  Don't know which journal an entry is in? Easily search across all journals instead of one by one. Coming Soon
  • Import Your Posts  Seamlessly add posts
    from your Live Journal account, RSS feed, or popular blog service. More →
Go Pro!
Multiple Journals

Multiple Journals

With Penzu Pro, you not only have one journal to write in, but as many as you want! Keep a specific journal for your secrets (which you can keep locked), your ideas, your travels, and more!

Each journal can be locked with encryption and have it's own default theme to fit the type of journal. And then access each journal (locked or unlocked) from your mobile phone!

Learn more about Penzu Journals here.

Penzu Mobile

Penzu Mobile

With a Penzu Pro account, you get access to your entire journal on almost any smart-phone, including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android devices and more.

Download our apps from the Apple App Store and the Android Market for free, login with your Penzu Pro account and away you go! Learn more about Penzu Mobile here.

You can also journal via email with Penzu Post! Email to get started.

Ultimate Privacy

Ultimate Privacy

By signing up for a Pro account, not only can you lock individual entries, you can choose to encrypt them. The encryption is military-grade, and so secure that if your password is lost or forgotten, it will never be able to be unlocked. That's right, even we cannot unlock encrypted entries for you. If you think you might forget your password, use a hint that will help you remember.

We use the same encryption algorithm used by the US Government: 256-bit AES encryption. A brute force attack–checking a billion billion keys per second–on an encrypted entry would take sexdecillions of years (3 x 1051) to crack. How many years is that? To give you an example, the earth is only 4.55 x 109 years old.

All About Privacy →

Express Yourself

Express Yourself

With Penzu Pro, easily customize each entry with a unique background and pad style.


Choose from a plethora of gorgeous stock backgrounds to beautify your journal! You can make a background your default so that any new entries in that journal will have your favorite look and feel. You can also upload your own high-res background image using our uploader or use the color picker to change the background to any color in the rainbow!

Pad Styles

Swap out our basic ruled pad for more exciting textures and colors. Mix and match and share your creations!

Watch The Video

Stay Organized

Stay Organized

Penzu Pro offers a great way to group and organize your entries: Tagging. You can effortlessly keep track of multiple entries by assigning a common tag.

For example, if you were on a trip around the world, and wanted to group your entries from each country, you could tag each entry from Thailand with the tag "Thailand", each entry from Japan with the tag "Japan" and so on.

You can then easily view all of the tagged entries on your Entries page by clicking the Tags button on the main toolbar.



Don't know what to write? Having trouble getting started journaling? Just click the light bulb on the top right of the pad to get a dose of inspiration. Our database of questions, quotes, and exercises are sure to spark your imagination.

With Pro, you can shuffle through different types of prompts and when you want to answer one, just click the lock button to have it permanently "attached" to your entry.

Learn More →



Once you have uploaded and inserted photos into an entry, with Penzu Pro, you can view a large version of the image and download it.

Rollover the inserted image, click "View Large" and a high-res version of the photo will appear. The maximum resolution we display is 1280 x 1024. If you uploaded an image smaller than that, the original size will be shown.

Super Rich Text

Super Rich Text

With your Penzu Pro account, you can articulate your thoughts and feelings with limitless formatting options.

Not only can you bold, italicize, underline, and align, but you can choose from over 22 amazing fonts such as:


You Own Your Data

You Own Your Data

Even though we keep encrypted backups of all entries, you may wish to keep your entries on your system as an extra safe guard.

You can easily export your entries to multiple formats from your Entries page. Export one or many at a time to a PDF, TXT, RSS, or ATOM XML file.


Import Your Posts

Import Your Posts

With Penzu Pro you can import your posts in a multitude of ways.

Just click the Import button on the Entries toolbar and select how you would like to import entries. You can choose from an XML file, RSS feed, or import directly from your Live Journal account.

Once entries are imported, they can be edited, saved, shared, and customized.

RSS or ATOM XML, Blog Feed, LiveJournal

Email Reminders

Never Forget To Write

With the reminders feature, you can keep your journal up to date.

You can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly reminders. You can also choose to be reminded every other day, or on a specific day of each month.

You will receive a short email in your inbox that says "Time to write!" Be sure to add to your address book so the reminders don't get lost in your spam folder...

Thing of the Past

Thing of the Past

Do you have stacks of old diaries or journals from years past that have been sitting collecting dust? You can now import your old entries into your Penzu Pro account with the correct date.

Simply click the date on your entry and a date picker will appear allowing you to scroll back in time and select the exact day you wrote those cherished words.

Your old diaries and journals are now safe and can be searched, tagged, and shared with friends and family. You can even scan or take a photo of an old entry and insert it!

Want to learn more? Visit our FAQs

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