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If you are using another online service to keep your personal journal or diary, you are missing out.

Penzu combines privacy, ease of use, and the latest technologies to make for a seamless and unique journaling experience. There is no long sign-up process, no waiting to write your thoughts down. It is the next best thing to writing on paper with all the benefits of the web.

Better than Paper?

The aim of Penzu is to create an online journal experience that is as similar to writing in a paper-bound journal or diary as possible. While Penzu doesn't offer free-form drawing, it is ideal for writing. And since it is online, there are many benefits to using Penzu rather than paper.

Ultimate Privacy

Your thoughts are yours, and keeping them on paper isn't safe! Anyone who finds your diary can read it. Your entries are only accessible through your password protected Penzu account. You can go even further and add another password to specific entries and 'lock' them. Sign up for a pro account, and get the ultimate security of encryption locking where each locked entry is encrypted using an 256-bit AES algorithm, the same one used by the United States Government. Your entries are so safe, that if you forget the password, they are gone forever! Read more about privacy here.

Never Lost or Stolen

Keeping your journal with Penzu means it can never be stolen or lost. You don't have to worry about leaving your diary or journal behind, or someone stealing it from your hiding place. With Penzu your most precious memories are safe!

Access Your Journal from Anywhere in the World

Have you been away from your diary and wanted to record something at that moment? Penzu is accessible from any computer in the world - take your journal with you wherever you go!

Sharing is Easy

Have you every wanted to share just one page of your diary with someone? Now you can. Share your entries via email to family and friends. If you want, you can remain anonymous and the recipient will not know it was you sending the message!

Saving is a Thing of The Past

Similar to writing on paper, as you type an entry, it saves automatically! Your thoughts are saved as you go. Have a thought that you need to get out right away? You can start writing on the pad even without being logged in! And once you log in, your entry will be saved to your account.

Filtered Search

If you find yourself constantly leafing through your journal to find a specific entry, your troubles end here. Penzu allows you to easily search your entries and then sort them by Name, Date Created, Size, Locked, or Shared. You can find past entries in seconds and even edit them if need be!

What sets Penzu apart?

Penzu is unlike any other service out there. Every aspect has been considered and labored over to make the experience unique and memorable.


Penzu offers a free account which not only let's you store as many entries as you want, but is better than the available pay services. Upgrade to a Pro account for $19 per year, and enjoy journaling at its absolute best, far far beyond the competition.

The Closest Thing to a Real Journal or Diary

Penzu was created to emulate the experience of writing on a pad of paper. If you keep an offline journal, writing down your thoughts is instantaneous. No logging in. No mouse clicks. No worrying about saving. You can get an idea out as fast as it came to you and it is the ultimate WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) experience.

Other journal or online diary services don'it achieve this instantaneous ability. You have to navigate to the site, log in, create a new post, and then you can start writing. Even when you are writing, you don'it get to see your entry's finished state until you are done.

Penzu doesn't have these issues. To get a thought out, you don'it have to log in. You don'it have to create a new post. Simply navigate to the site and start writing. And however your writing looks to you, is how it will be saved. When you are done, log in later and Penzu will add the entry to your account. No saving required. No worries.

Privacy Comes First

If you keep a private diary, why would you want to use a service that was made for public use? Popular blogging services let you keep a private blog, but that is not their primary focus.

Penzu was designed to be private first. It truly is the closest thing to an actual paper-bound diary or journal.

There is even an extra layer of privacy: locking. If you don'it want anyone to read an entry, you can lock it. That way, if someone guesses your log in password, they will have to guess a second password to unlock your most precious thoughts.

Utter Simplicity

Almost anyone that can turn on a computer should be able to use Penzu. Other services are complicated and geared towards the tech-savvy user. Signing up is a multi-step process. Reading and organizing your entries can be a pain.

There is no clutter when using Penzu- just the essentials. No laborious sign up. No ugly templates. No superfluous functions.

Blazing Speed

Penzu is extremely fast and responsive. Your work is saved constantly. You can search your entries instantly. The interface practically disappears, letting you write like never before.

Penzu is Fun!

Unlike other blogging services, Penzu is a joy to use! It will inspire you to write and you will feel better by doing so. Sign up now and let your thoughts out!

"Just want to say THANKS. This is day 1 for
me and I am really enjoying this free service. VERY user friendly and so… c l e a n… with
no blinking ads… love it." - Nicole, Penzu User
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