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Good for You

  • Less Stress  Expressive writing is an extremely cathartic process, helping you to relax and release stress. More →
  • Be Healthier  Numerous studies have shown that keeping a journal can improve your immune function. More →
  • Get Smarter  Keeping a journal or diary can not only boost your "working memory" but your grades too. More →
  • Lose Weight  Keeping a food diary has been suggested to double weight-loss when combined with a diet. More →
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Why Penzu?

  • Never Lost or Stolen  While a computer, or a paper-bound diary can be lost or stolen, your entries are always safe with Penzu.
  • Access Anywhere  Ever forget your diary at home? Wherever you have internet, you have Penzu!
  • Privacy First  Not only are your entries private, but you can password protect them individually for even more privacy.
  • Easy to Use  With a simple design and paper-like interface, Penzu is extremely intuitive and easy to use.
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Types of Journals

"Keep a diary, and someday it'll keep you"
- Mae West
  • Daily Diary  Keeping a daily diary with Penzu couldn't be easier. Write at any time from anywhere.
  • Expressive Journal  Since Penzu is totally private, you can write whatever you want and truly express your feelings!
  • Travel Journal  Going away? Record your experience with Penzu! Insert photos, send entries to friends, add tags, and more!
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Good Karma

Penzu donates a portion of our proceeds
to a charitable cause that improves
literacy and writing worldwide.
Room to Read
Room to Read is a charity that partners with local communities in the developing world to improve literacy and education.
Room to Read establishes libraries, creating local language children's literature, constructing schools, and providing education to girls. A portion of all proceeds from Penzu Pro accounts will go to supporting Room to Read.
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Be Inspired

"In Hollywood, when people die they
don't say, 'Did he leave a will?'
but 'Did he leave a diary?'"
- Liza Minnelli
  • Kurt Cobain Legendary Nirvana front-man, who kept a personal journal from 1980 until his suicide in 1994.
  • Anne Frank Kept her now famous diary while hiding during the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands.
  • Andy Warhol American pop-art icon religiously kept a diary about his life and conversations with friends.
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Getting Started

Don't know where or how to start?
Having trouble writing? Visit our
Getting Started guide to get some
tips on journal writing.
  • What to Write About Worrying about something? Have thoughts that won't get out of your head? Write them down!
  • When and How to Write Finding the right time and place for you to write in your journal is an important part of the process.
  • Guiding Questions Need some more ideas to get started? View some questions that might help you write.
Getting Started →
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